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Dr. Elliott Rosengarten and Dr. Aaron McNulty have a reputation for excellence. Their practice keeps up-to-date on the latest optometric technology available

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Welcome to the Louisville Optometrists Serving Patients From Prospect, East End, & St. Matthews

With years of outstanding eye care service, our  optometrists have built a reputation for excellent vision care in the Louisville, KY area. We strive to provide optometry services that are unparalleled in quality, and to create an environment that makes our patients comfortable during their visits.

Our eye doctors at Elliott Rosengarten O.D. PSC and Aaron McNulty O.D. encourage patients to ask questions during their eye exams. We firmly believe that a well-informed patient is a happier and healthier one.

Schedule your appointment at our  Louisville optometry practice today. We also serve the Prospect, East End and St. Matthews areas in Kentucky.

Why are regular eye exams so important?
Through eye checkups, our doctors at Elliot Rosengarten can help uncover and treat vision-related issues associated with diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders, as many diseases can affect vision and eye health.

Are you over 40? Then an annual or bi-annual eye examination is critical to assess any well-known age-related eye issues like presbyopia, cataracts and macular degeneration.


Q&A with Dr. McNulty

Dr. McNulty Answers Your Eyecare Questions

When I wear my contacts, my eyes are usually dry and uncomfortable by the end of a long day of work. What can I do to help with this problem?

While contacts do not cause dry eyes, they can make underlying dry eye syndrome worse. If your contacts dry out and get uncomfortable, we need to consider two variables: the contacts and your eyes. In terms of the contacts, we might consider changing to a different brand or material that dries out less. For your eyes, we can use a variety of strategies to improve hydration

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Contributed by: Dr. Elliott Rosengarten


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Is your child struggling in school? See here for more on Childrens' Visual vs. Learning Issues. 


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